Sunday, December 14, 2008

Cosa Brava + Ceramic Dog + + @ The Knit 12/11/08

I wasn't thinking about how I had to get up early when I strategized that I would go to both the Tap Bar and Main Space shows. It turns out the staff thought paying one cover was sufficient. It was $25, which I think is their highest cover anyway (I think the Tap Bar was $14). There also weren't many people at the Tap Bar show, so it was good to get another body in there.

In other words, I got to see 4 bands last night for $25.

I started in the Tap Bar for Jordan McLean
. He's got a project Fire of Space that sometimes plays Zebulon. I was curious to check him out. The first piece was a solo. He had a trumpet, flugelhorn and a little table full of electronics. Lots of knobs and dials. The trumpet and flugelhorn weren't hooked up to any cords but the mic was. The end piece was a duo with a singer. Then there was 1 more solo. I liked the one with the singer the best. The other 2 were heavy on the electronics and very mellow. I think I just wasn't in the mood for that and would like it more another time.

Ceramic Dog was phenomenal. I always forget just how great they are. I go knowing they're great and I love them, but when they start playing I always get a deeper appreciation. I should have gone to The Stone last week. They mainly did songs from the album, but they felt different. The "live at The Knit on 12/11" version. Phenomenal.

The only downside was it was too short. The set and the encore were probably less than 45 min. Still, it was great.

I went back upstairs to catch some of Organ Nation which was pretty good. Unfortunately, it's difficult to google them, so I can't figure out anything else. There was an organ, drums, baritone sax, and something else, maybe trumpet. It was good for a little setbreak hit.

I was happy to see Zeena Parkins and Carla Kilstedt were in this. And, Zeena didn't have a harp. Someone mentioned he always gets Zeena and Andrea confused. I had never connected the 2. It turns out they are cousins an do look a little alike.

I loved this band and the Middle Eastern type tone. Carla was having problems with her pedals. I had to tear myself away because of the getting up early thing. I'm looking forward to seeing them again. I need a cd and I need to see that again. It was very special and was good for that type of stage. It looks like they just formed in March, so there may not be a cd yet. It also is a good sign that there will likely be more chances to see them again.

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