Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Pamelia Kurstin @ The Stone 12/23/08

I'm still very curious about the theremin, so I ended up at this 2nd set. I'm not sure if she did something different 1st set as she was excited in the middle and said it was her first time playing with the laptop/keyboard player and the drummer. I'm sorry I didn't get their names.

She was quite different from the other 2 theremin players I've seen. She was making bass sounds and had lots of pedals and a couple of boxes plugged in as well. This is a good description of what she does from the Theremin World site:

Pamelia is one of the most precise and talented thereminsts on the planet. Her walking bass theremin technique must be seen to be believed! She was featured in the Moog Music Etherwave Pro demo DVD and is touring with the band Barbez. Pamelia is also known for her work using looping pedals to layer multiple theremin parts together to provide her own accompaniment.

In addition to the bass sounds, there was sometimes some sounds that sounded spacey and were probably more what you tend to hear from the theremin. I kept thinking of the old tv show, My Favorite Martian. I found some samples from the soundtrack online, and I don't think it was quite that. That theremin sound was very familiar to some kind of martian tv or movies from around that time, though.

The music was pretty diverse. It would be on the groove side, the quiet side, the punk side, etc. while always being creative. Pamela was very happy to be challenged by playing in something totally new and not doing her same old thing.

They played for about 80 minutes. I really liked the drummer. I do have to admit there were parts where I got a little bored, but I think that was due more to my interests than the actual music itself. For the most part, I enjoyed it.

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