Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christian McBride @ Dizzy's 12/20/08

It was easy to hop on the C train and head up to Dizzy's. I didn't want to miss this and I was running out of time.

It was great. I wasn't the only one dancing, either. There were a few of us, which is a nice rarity. It was getdown music, after all. It was nice to have Ron Blake there. I'm not sure if he was there the last time I saw Christian at the Village Vanguard. He was great.

We even got a quick little medley of the basslines of a bunch of great Old School Funk tunes while Christian was explaining some of the music he was into. I think it was off the cuff because the other guys wanted to join in, but weren't quick enough. He would tell us how they used to listen to this and then play a funky recognizable bassline. Then he would say "or this ..." And play something else and so on. I enjoyed it

Then they did Weather Report's Havana. He explained how Weather Report blended genres and didn't stick to any set thing. That's what his band is trying to accomplish. I'd say they are doing a good job of it, and doing it their own way.

It was a great 3 band Sat night.

Christian McBride Band
Featuring Christian McBride, bass; Geoffrey Keezer, piano; Ron Blake, tenor saxophone; Terreon Gully, drums.

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