Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Indo-Pak Coalition @ LPR 12/9/08

I got 2 emails from Le Poisson Rouge that day. The first said I could show my ticket for the Brass Ecstacy show and get into this early show for free. The 2nd said I could show my ticket to the 1st show and get into the 2nd for free. But, I had already bought tix for both shows. I ended up selling my ticket for this early show to my friend, so it worked out and I didn't feel gipped. Actually, I wouldn't have felt gipped even if I did pay the whole whopping $35 for both shows.

I really loved the guitar, tablas, alto sax trio. It was great. Rudresh told us there were problems with the tablas due to the weather. That was interesting ... India is pretty hot and its somewhat cold in NYC. I couldn't tell there were any issues. I did think there was something up with the guitar, though. Maybe not, but it seemed there were some additional sounds created by the strings somehow. Still, it was a great set that went from about 7:50-9:10. Then they told us we could stay but asked us to clear the room so they could do a sound-check. We hung out at the other bar while they did that and went back in close to 10.

Indo-Pak Coalition: Rudresh Mahanthappa (alto saxophone), Rez Abbasi (guitars), Dan Weiss (tabla)

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