Sunday, December 21, 2008

Hal Wilner @ The Stone 12/19/08

I didn't know he played anything, I only knew of him as a producer. It makes sense though.

He had a whole arsenal of electronic equipment for his solo performance. Lots of pedals and buttons you push with your foot. He had that whole elaborate setup hooked up to a guitar and a mic embedded in a piccolo trumpet. The drum kit was set up behind him, but he didn't play it at all.

It was great and I was into it the whole time. Jennifer Charles, this month's curator, is opening me up a lot more to electronics. It looks to me like you have to really be in the moment during the performance to play something like that. You can't think too much or it probably wouldn't work out so well. I'm sure there are many possibilities for what would work, though.

We were allowed to stay through for the Medeski solo the next set. I know I would have loved it and thought it special, even though I've experienced some Medeski solos in the past. I just didn't feel like sticking around. I was tired and hungry.


So, I wrote that earlier this weekend and I just checked the listing and see it was supposed to be a few other people and not Hal at all. That was a bad weather night, so the others probably couldn't make it. Now I'm curious what happened with the Medeski show.

Hal Willner's Parade
Yuka Honda (electronics) Sean Lennon (voice, guitar, piano) Trevor
Dunn (bass)

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