Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Gov't Mule @ Hammerstein 12/30/08

I was actually not thrilled at the thought of Mule at Hammerstein, without Andy Hess. I did want to go to Angel Orsanz, but I didn't even make it down early enough to try to get a ticket out front those nights. So, I guess I didn't want to go that badly. I was also in a disagreement about no Andy Hess. I'm also not a fan of Hammerstein. I don't think I've been there since that last MMW Halloween show.

So, I went a little late last night. I got there at around 10pm and Ivan and Marc Quinones were on. Looking at the setlist from Hidden Track, provided below, it must have been Spanish Moon.

Now, one thing I've learned from hanging out with The Kanes is that you can't be present when you are disagreeing with the way your life is showing up. I was in such a disagreement about the venue and the bass player, I couldn't get into it. I didn't want to check my big coat, so I held it. I didn't want to move up front with my big old coat, so I stayed in the back. In spite of all that, I could tell the bass player fit right in and that the music was good. I also had fun socializing in the back because I kept seeing people I know back there.

Then, I decided to check my coat and they said it was too late and told me not to leave it lying around or "they" (someone at the establishment) might take it and throw it away. I went back up and hung out in the way back socializing and trying not to leave. I then ran into my very dear old friends who I often only see at Mule shows these days. It just hit set break and we moved up closer together.

It was so much better up close, in a better state of mind. I got completely lost in the 2nd set and realized regardless of how I feel about Andy Hess, he's not there and I should just listen to the band that's up there. I got really into it and love the bass player, Jorgen Carlsson. He's awesome. They're all awesome.

After the encore, Warren said something like they are going to take a break, see you tomorrow night. I think tonight is going to be great, and I will have to be there. I have a ticket, but wasn't sure what I wanted to do. The only thing I've consistently known for sure is I will be at The Duo late night.

Set 1: Blind Man In The Dark, Lola Leave Your Light On, Gameface, Towering Fool, She Said, She Said-> Tomorrow Never Knows, Spanish Moon *with Marc Quinones and Ivan Neville*, Into The Mystic *with Marc Quinones*, Kind Of Bird *with Marc Quinones*

Set 2
: Like Flies, I Think You Know What I Mean-> When The Levee Breaks, Time To Confess, Red Clay *dedicated to the memory of Freddie Hubbard with Jimmy Vivino, Jeff Young and Marc Quinones*, Drums *with Marc Quinones*, I’m A Ram, Mule *Who Do You Love Tease*
Encore: Come On Into My Kitchen Intro -> 32/20 Blues *with Jimmy Vivino and Jeff Young*

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