Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Mingus Orchestra @ Jazz Standard 12/22/08

I went to the 2nd set. The bassoon was phenomenal, Donny McCaslin on tenor was awesome. They were all awesome. I could have done without the vocals, though. They were apparantly written by Elvis Costello. Why mess with greatness?

Some of the tunes were 50 years old. The first one was dyn-o-mite. The next one made me think of a film or a cartoon. The 3rd tune was conducted by the trombone player while he played, which was interesting.

The one with lots of bassoon was my favorite. He was really great. I don't think I've seen him before, but I'll have to start keeping an eye out.

Mingus Orchestra
Donny McCaslin - tenor & soprano saxophone
David Lee Jones - alto & soprano saxophone, clarinet, flute
Ku-umba Frank Lacy - trombone
Kenny Rampton - trumpet
Michael Rabinowitz - bassoon
John Clark - French horn
Doug Yates - bass clarinet
Jack Wilkins - guitar
Boris Kozlov - bass
Donald Edwards - drums

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