Saturday, August 2, 2008

Vijay Iyer @ Jazz Standard 7/31/08

Always good. Always. I also always forget his music and it's new and fresh every time. He does have a huge repertoire to draw from, and I haven't seen it all, but after he mentioned what some of the songs were I remembered them from other times. He said that each set in this Thur-Sun run will be different. I might go again on Sunday. It was that good.

Everyone in this quartet was awesome. I am a big fan of Marcus Gilmore in whatever he does. I was very impressed with Rudresh Mahanthappa. He has a very grooving style. I realized I've only seen the 2 together a few times, and they've played together many many times. I remembered the first time I saw them at the Knitting Factory Winter Jazzfest, the first one. That was also the first time I saw Robert Glasper and those 2 were the highlights for me. Although, I remember leaving for spell and going to something at Tribeca Rock Club, so I wasn't there all night.

This was a great way to start my evening and I was in very good spirits for my walk back down to get to MTO.

Vijay Iyer Quartet
Vijay Iyer – piano
Rudresh Mahanthappa – alto saxophone
Stephan Crump – bass
Marcus Gilmore – drums

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