Friday, August 29, 2008

Billy Hart @ Small's 8/28/08

I couldn't go home after a show like that. But, I forgot to scope out the potentials before I left. Had I realized the RUCMA Living Theatre gig was going on, I would have probably done that. I did remember that The Billy Hart Quartet was playing at Small's and there was some reason I was especially attracted to it even though I couldn't remember.

I got there during the 2nd song. I was told it was packed but to check out the room and if I wanted to stand in the back I could. Before I looked I said "oh, but it sounds pretty mellow down there". The door guy informed me it was the 2nd song and the 1st song was pretty rollicking. When Small's is crowded I want to be in the back anyway, so I took the option.

Oh yeah, it was Ethan Iverson that was especially drawing me to this gig. I loved my spot because I could see good enough and had a little space. They don't let it get too crowded and most people are sitting. I got to dance a little and the music was great. It thought it was the perfect after-show to the brilliance I saw earlier.

This was a top-notch jazz band and everyone was great. I hadn't seen Billy Hart in an long time and I've come to really appreciate Ben Street. The sax was great, I'm not sure if I've seen him before.

What a nice night!

The Billy Hart Qt w. Ethan Iverson, Mark Turner, Ben Street

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