Monday, August 18, 2008

Positive Catastrophe @ Zebulon 8/17/08

I had all the day shows on my list, but I couldn’t make it to any of them. I had stuff to take care of. I did want something for the night, so I consulted All About Jazz, both the on-line and the paper calendars, which often have different stuff. When I got to the paper, I couldn’t believe it when I saw this gig, Wollesen/Blumenkranz/Belogenis. If I found anything with any of the 3 of them I would have gone. These are top-notch, always good musicians. And, it was awesome. They played from 10 to 11, and I loved every minute. I don’t think it was out there at all, just great improvised jazz. There were lots of great drum and bass solos. Louis just had his tenor and sounded awesome. There was one point where Shanir was doing something that sounded different with his upright, more electric. But, I’m not sure how he got that sound, I didn’t see any pedals or anything. He only did it for a bit during one piece, with the bow.

The whole thing was perfect, and I really love that place. About 10 minutes before they came on, the owner that usually DJs and does the soundbooth put on one of the tracks from the Zebulon CDs with Kenny on it. It really got them in the mood. Right before that he had Baye’s CD on and that was starting to get us in the mood.

I’m so glad I check AAJ. They call themselves Positive Catastrophe, and I wouldn’t have known to go.

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