Friday, August 29, 2008

Todd Sickafoose Tiny Resistors @ Joe's Pub 8/28/08

This was phenomenal! I hope to see it a lot. It was expected to be superb, I think it was even better than I could imagine. Each one of them blew me away. This music gives everyone a chance to shine and show their stuff. I can't wait to listen to the cd, which I know will be phenomenal as well. I expect it to be great in a different way. What happened live last night was way more intense than can probably get on a cd. All of his CDs are incredibly good.

He also seemed very happy to be in NYC. There was a good amount of people there, but it wasn't sold out. It made it comfortable. He was very happy to see so many people out. I see he's got a gig in Philly and then a bunch in CA. I hope he does it in NYC a lot like he did Blood Orange. I also hope this isn't the end of Blood Orange.

I bought the CD and will listen to it later. I can't wait. I might have to put it on my ipod for my quick trip to FL this weekend.

Alan Ferber is unbelievably great as is everyone on the bill and everyone I've ever seen Todd play with. He gave me some special moments. Todd first brought him to my attention, but now I try to seek him out.

I was so happy to see John Ellis on bass clarinet. I'm still loving that instrument and I really love what he did with it.

Jenny Sheinman! She really took it away in several different moments. I mean, she was incredible. It was so intense I wasn't sure I could take it. I think I had some of the most amazing musical moments of my life with some of her playing last night.

Ben was catching my attention at many many moments. He had some of his bells as well. I would have been happy with any of Todd's drummers, but I was glad to see Ben come out.

Of course Todd was as good as always. He had plenty of times to shine as well.

The guitars were awesome. I think Adam Levy is great and I'm glad to see him getting more attention with the Wed night Banjo Jim's thing. It was nice to see Mike Gamble again so soon.

If there had been 2 sets and I was at the first I would have definitely stayed for the 2nd.

John Ellis (sax & bass clarinet)
Alan Ferber (trombone)
Jenny Scheinman (violin)
Adam Levy (guitar)
Mike Gamble (guitar)
Ben Perowsky (drums)
Todd Sickafoose (bass)

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