Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Ron Miles Quartet @ Jazz Standard 8/12/08

This was stellar. I highly recommend getting there tonight or tomorrow night, before it's gone. I was having trouble thinking of the music as jazz, it seemed kind of "pop-ish", and just very different. Then, I realized it's jazz guitar, jazz drumming, jazz bass, and a trumpet. How could it not be jazz? It's definitely not "straight ahead" jazz, that's for sure. Even when they played the Duke Ellington tune. I heard the first set they did a Monk tune and it was different. I kind of wished I went to both sets.

I say "pop-ish" because I think it would appeal to a lot of people, not just people who like jazz. There's a quality to it that I can't describe, but it adds something.

Ron Miles has an interesting trumpet. It's made in Portland. It's in G instead of B-Flat, so it's lower. I'm glad he told us because I was really wondering about it. It looks like a cross between a trumpet and a cornet.

There was definitely a heavy Bill Frisell influence in the music.

I found myself getting caught up with either the bass or the drums at times and forgetting there were others up there. They are all excellent musicians who can really grab you. I'll have to keep an eye out for each of them.

It was about a 70 minute set. Ron asked us if they could do one more after an hour and we were like "yeah! Of course!" He wasn't sure because he's from Denver. It's true that most jazz sets are an hour, but most of them have room to play a little longer if they want. I remember Chris Potter doing a 90 minute set at Jazz Standard before.

TUE - THU AUGUST 12 - 14
Ron Miles Quartet featuring Bill Frisell, Reginald Veal, Matt Wilson
Ron Miles – trumpet
Bill Frisell – electric and acoustic guitar
Reginald Veal – bass
Matt Wilson – drums
Tickets: $25 plus tax

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