Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Creative Jazz Collective @ Yippie Cafe 8/25/08

So I finally made it to Yippie Cafe. So hard to describe. Where do I begin? It's like a cross between a community center, a cafe, a rundown college dorm room for a bunch of people, and a beat poet hang. You walk in and there's some couches and an area in the back of the room. Then there are a couple of high tables and a bar to the left with sodas and beers and waters. Then there's a loft type space above some cafe tables. The loft ends where the band plays, at the end of the room in front of the tables. Behind them looks like a dresser or something, some amps on furniture, and then a run-down looking wall.

The music was great. I was able to drown out the people sitting in the back that were just there to hang out and had no interest or knowledge of the music. It really wasn't hard. I stood behind one of the high little tables, right by the steps to the loft.

The only one who looked familiar was Gelnn Baik, the keyboard guy. They were all great and each gave me aha moments. It was definitely on the straight ahead spectrum yet still creative. A lot of it had a beat to it. It was awesome and a nice way to spend an hour early on a Monday.

Creative Jazz Collective
Monday, August 25 @ 7:00 PM
Yippie Cafe: 9 Bleecker Street
General Admission: $10
Students & Seniors: $7
Jam Session, 8:30 PM: $5
Sean King (saxophone)
Glenn Balk (keyboards)
Ebert Mahon (bass)
Angelo Branford (guitar)
Ron Fletcher (drums)

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