Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Pedro Giraudo Jazz Orchestra 8/25/08

After the jazz, I went home to get some chores done. But, I also needed more music. I went back out for the 9:30 show at Jazz Standard. I'm so glad I did. This was an awesome great orchestra. They were all pretty young, which I guess is why the price was so low. Pedro is from Argentina and he did some of his compositions and some Argentine folk music.

It was interesting that for one tune he had the drummers leave the stage. There were some others were some of the horns left, but the drummers? Now, I do remember that Pedro was in that tango show I saw at Jazz Standard last winter. There were no drums in that at all. I just googled drums, argentina and got plenty of hits. So, I have a feeling it's just Argentine tango that might skip drums sometimes.

It was great with drums, without drums, with horns, with less horns, however.

They were all excellent musicians. I loved having the cajon, that Peruvian box drum there. There was one piece where he was playing on the kit with the other drummer. Pretty cool.

I'm so glad I went back out!

Pedro Giraudo Jazz Orchestra
Pedro Giraudo – bass, compositions & arrangements
Will Vinson, Todd Bashore, Luke Batson, Carl Maraghi – reeds
Jonathan Powell, Tatum Greenblatt, Ryan Keberle, Mike Fahie – brass
Jess Jurkovic – piano
Jeff Davis – drums
Tony de Vivo – cajon
Special Guest Sofia Tosello – vocals
Tickets: $15 plus tax

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