Tuesday, August 26, 2008

theYoungEquestrians @ The Stone 8/24/08

Sun night was when I started feeling normal again after the trip to SF. I had anticipated a Shayna Dulberger solo at The Stone. Instead it was a whole band. At first I didn’t see her, so I thought I got the night mixed up. No bother since it’s The Stone and I will like whatever is there. I was happy when I saw her later and the setup looked interesting.

It was great. It was more like jam music than jazz, but it definitely was on the jazz/experimental side of things rather than the jammy side of things. There was one piece that I wanted to get up and really dance. I got a cd, which I like, but I liked it live even more. They had a gig the next night at Cake Shop and then the following night somewhere else. I take that to mean they play at least a little more often than rarely. I’m surprised I hadn’t heard of them yet, but maybe because I think the only “name” is Shayna. They were all great.


Mikey Freedom Hart - keyboards, electronics, other things
Chris Welcome - accordion, guitar, cello
Shayna Dulberger - upright bass, electric bass
Rich Levinson - drums, glockenspiel

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