Sunday, August 3, 2008

Matthew Shipp/Steve Dalachinsky 8/2/08

I had plans for later so I was glad to get some early music in. I came for Matthew Shipp, not realizing that I know full well who Steve Dalachinsky is. I see him at many of the best creative music shows. I also saw him read his poetry at Bowery Poetry club before Rashanim played at a Jewish festival a while back. He was also the one who saved the day last year when no one showed up to manage The Stone one night. I had a conversation about that later, and that was the only night it ever happened. It was Daniel Carter, Roy Hargrove, and Sabir Mateen and it was awesome. It was sometime before I started this blog, but I remember it being well worth the wait for the show to begin.

Anyway, the set of poetry and jazz last night was awesome. Both Steve and Matthew wrote poems in the book, which also has lots of pictures. Steve's poetry was written while he was listening to Matthew over the years. Matthew is into math, music, and spirituality.

I love the way Steve reads and I love how rhythmic his poems are. I didn't get the book or any CDs last night, but I remember seeing some CDs of him with various musicians. I might have to pick up a few at some point.

Matthew is amazing and however he played during the readings was phenomenal. Steve also took a break at times and we got some piano soloing.

The whole set was about an hour, and was well worth coming out early for. They charged a $10 admission, which included a drink. I think it was a book release, so the artists didn't want to get paid, but the club wanted to make sure they got something out of the show. That left me to ponder how that's how it works for book promotions. But, CD release parties tend to be a show, which includes admission. Now they tend to do the CD release party as a tour it seems. It's just kind of interesting when you get an entire hour of great music/poetry.

The book was published by a French record label that has a lot of the great creative musicians. It's their first book. It did sound good, I just have so much to read and I'd rather hear it. Still, some of Matthew's poems about math and spirituality got me kind of interested to possibly get the book at some point.

Matthew Shipp (piano) & Steve Dalachinsky (poetry)
in concert for their new book Logos & Language
at the Cornelia Street Cafe
Saturday - August 2, 2008 at 6 PM

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