Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Chicago Afrobeat Project + TSP 8/9/08

I just wanted a little music, so I went over to Drom at about 9:30. Chicago Afrobeat Project was waiting around for some people to show up or something, but they had friends that had been there since 9. They decided to do a short 40 min set at around 10. I was glad, because that's about all I needed.

It was good. I love the sound at Drom and there was lots of percussion. I especially liked the last song where everyone played percussion. I did enjoy it a little more when I saw them at Highline last Oct. They had less horns this time. It was still fun and worth going to.

They said they had dancers and special guests for the 2nd set, but I was satisfied and didn't need to stick around.

On my way home, I heard some awesome creative, lively jazz coming from Tompkins Square Park. I heard it on my way over, but it didn't even occur to me to stop, This time I let it suck me in. I couldn't believe it when I saw Daniel Carter on the tenor! There was also a great drummer, who I thought might have looked familiar. As time went on, it seemed like Daniel was there jamming because of that drummer, whose name I think is Eugene. I tried to find him on the Internet, but it didn't work. They were the best there, but the whole thing sounded great.

There were 2 kits and a djembe, 2 trumpets, a great bass, and 2 more saxophones. One guy that was great was playing tenor and soprano saxes.

I stayed for about a half hour and left when someone went up to Eugene and wanted his drum kit back. Apparently Eugene was sitting in. I'm glad we got a great drum solo before he left. The guy whose kit it was wasn't bad, I just needed an excuse to get out of there so I could get to bed.

I was taking another one of the Kanes awesome workshops, Creativity and Intuition. Their approach really works well and I feel more well in myself than ever before. And, it's just about listening. Very practical, down to-Earth stuff. It also comes with a great group of people.

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