Monday, August 25, 2008

The Campbell Brothers’ Sacred Funk 8/23/08

This was a consolation prize for coming back early. It was part of the Lincoln Center Out of Doors 25th Annual Roots of American Music Festival. It was The Campbell Brothers with Kirk Joseph, a trumpet and a sax. Marc Stone also sat in for a song or 2. I was now jetlagged the other way, but I still enjoyed this. People sat for most of it, but whenever the brother asked them to get up they did happily. I think it's the whole chair thing and not wanting to buck the trend that does it because I think many of them would have loved to be dancing the whole time. I was in one of the side areas so I could stand and dance the whole time.

It was fun, but I was tired. I left after the show and came home for a nice 3 hour nap. I got up just in time to head out to National Underground for a NOLA hodgepodge. It was Kirk Joseph, Marc Stone, the trumpet and sax from the earlier show, and a drummer. Another tenor sat in for the whole show. Kirk mentioned anyone with an instrument can come up an sit in, that's how they do things NOLA-style.

That show was more my speed due to being in a small space with other people dancing. I really liked the space. I hadn't been downstairs yet. I like the vibe and it's nice and small. It's probably the size of 55 Bar, but there's only a few tables off to the sides. It might be a little smaller.

They played 1 long set. They were pretty tired, but would have done another if there was a huge demand.

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