Thursday, June 26, 2008

Orchestra Baobab @ Rockefeller Park 6/25/08

Last night was a perfect night for a free outdoor concert. I also love the Rockefeller Park space. I usually go by the soundboard where I can see and dance. It was also nice that there were others dancing. At one point, people in the front row got up and started dancing and later it got crowded up front with lots of dancers.

I saw them once before, a few years ago at Zankel Hall. That was my first jazz hall experience and I didn’t know it was easy to stand off to the side and dance, so I felt rather confined to my seat. It was still good music.

It’s an African band from Senegal with a Latin groove to it. The musicians are all very talented. I was especially into the bass and the congas. They had 3 drummers in total, 2 saxes, bass, 2 guitars, and a singer. It was a lot of fun.

I left at about 8:20. I just needed an early night and the murmur of the crowd was starting to get loud. I also got a little sick of it. I did get a good hour and enjoyed it thoroughly.

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