Sunday, June 29, 2008

Sam Bardfeld's Small Fruit Trio @ The Stone 6/29/08

I think this was my first time seeing Sam Bardfeld. I know the name from Doug Wamble listings and Barbes listings. I've been curious to see him for a while. This looked like a perfect opportunity since he was playing with Brad Jones and Liberty Ellman.

It was excellent. He designed this project around the idea of late 1800's people from the Old Country immigrating to America. They were a string band in the old style. He told us a story before every song and it was kind of fun.

The music was great. Liberty had me captivated with some awesome guitar stuff. The Brad Jones solos were really great. I enjoyed every moment of the music. They said this was the first time this particular ensemble played together.

Sam Bardfeld's Small Fruit Trio
Sam Bardfeld (violin) Liberty Ellman (guitar) Brad Jones (bass)
New pieces exploring the line between the delicate and the indelicate.

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