Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Marc Ribot & The Lucien Dubuis Trio @ Drom 6/3/08

Incredible! That was awesome! I can't wait to hear the cd, which might not be for a couple of days.

I now know to watch out for this Swiss Trio even without Ribot. It reminded me a lot of Garage A Trois without the special effects. I think they did a song that GAT does.

Every moment was awsesome. I think I love the contrabass clarinet even more than the bass clarinet. It has such a great sound. The last song was especially grooving and that's when we got to see what the electric bass can really do. Ribot solos were incredible. The drummer was awesome.

I had no idea what this was, but I was looking forward to it ever since I found out about it a couple of weeks ago. I think it exceeded my high expectations.

The good news is they are in the process of making a new cd. I'm hoping that means they will play in NYC again when it's ready, if not before. I see the trio is playing at Zebulon on Friday along with Gutbucket. I just might have to get there.

Marc Ribot & The Lucien Dubuis Trio
The Lucien Dubuis Trio (Switzerland) is lead by alto saxophone, bass clarinet, and contrabass clarinet player Lucien Dubuis. With bassist Roman Nowka and drummer Lionel Friedli they create avant jazz both modern and primitive; one concept driven and resolved to use the teenage language of revolution. Marc Ribot, occasional collaborator and full time admirer of the trio, recently returned from his third trip to Europe to perform with the lads. He joins the group for a performance in New York, where the trio is recording their newest album.

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