Thursday, June 19, 2008

Le Poisson Rouge – 1st Impressions

So far, so good. Whenever I buy tickets in advance, I like to get a ticket so if I need to get rid of it, it’s easier and so that I can skip the line when allowed. The paper ticket got me in right away. They do have a box office, I don’t know the hours yet.

So far, the people working there seem nice. It’s a nice room. The had the jazz club setup, with communal seating at large tables that fit 6-8 people. You seat yourself, which is nice. It’s also not too tight. There is also some seating that is elevated somewhat behind the tables. I wasn’t paying that much attention because the music was so good (stay tuned for the next post on that). But, I was able to dance behind the tables on the floor, the people feet were just above my head level behind me, so there is no issue with obstructing views if you stand in the back to dance. Yeah!

And, I was allowed to dance and no one bothered me. I bet that’s allowed even if more people were dancing.

There didn’t seem to be a minimum, and I saw a lot of people just ordering a glass of water. The wine list looks good. I didn’t pay much attention to the beer list, but it looked like there aren’t that many options. I did notice taps and I think I saw some people with bottles, so they have both options. I didn’t look too carefully at the bar, but it looks very heavy on the vodka. It looked like they have the minimum whisky options that bars would have. I’m not totally sure, though. I did see every kind of Grey Goose, Absolute, and Stoli imaginable. On leaving, I passed by another bar that was outside the performance space that mainly had vodka on display.

The bars are big. It just makes me think the musicians that own the place are entrepreneur-musicians and there’s certainly nothing wrong with that. I know vodka sells and that place must cost a fortune.

The sound was great and they weren’t even set up to the PA system, which they had.

This looks like it’s going to be a great and much needed addition to our live music venues.

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