Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Herbie Hancock @ Carnegie Hall 6/23/08

Herbie was awesome last night! What really got me to go was Chris Potter. Actually, Chris Potter, Lionel Loueke and Herbie combo got me to be willing to pay.

The Lionel Loueke Trio was an awesome opener. They sounded great and the music was phenomenal. He kept pushing their new cd on Blue Note. He announced they were going to play a song that Herbie played on the cd. I thought “well, why isn’t he out here?” I soon forgot I had that question because it sounded so awesome. Then, he did come out toward the end to play and I had forgotten how great he sounds. Later in his set he mentioned they didn’t need him for that song. True, but he made it even better. They played for about 45 min and then they took about a 30 min break, which I thought was a little long. I saw Derek Trucks and Eric Krasno leaving at the intermission, which was interesting.

I don’t think I’ve seen Chris Potter for a couple of years, and I used to see him often. I don’t recall too many opportunities in that timeframe, either. I was reminded how much I missed him in the first song. He blew me away right away. He was awesome throughout, but I do kind of wish it was a little different so he could show us more of his stuff. He was an under-utilized side man in this gig. It was great regardless, I just miss him is all. I still got some awesome aha moments from him.

The first song was a very lively grooving instrumental. Dave Holland was playing the electric bass on that song and a few others. They said he hadn’t played electric for about 18 years. He sounded good. I liked what he was doing much later with it.

After that, they brought out 2 singers and it was still good. This River of Possibilities Tour is about 2 recent albums Herbie made with vocals, River and Possibilities. All I have to say is the guy keeps expanding and doing different things and it always seems to end up being great. I can’t remember the 3rd song they did, but it was one we all know and it was rocking. Every time Lionel rocked out I thought I was going to lose it. Actually, I did lose myself every time. It was awesome seeing him that way. He really rocked!

Then the singers left the stage and I think that’s when Herbie said Dave Holland was going to do a solo song and everyone left the stage. He was awesome with his acoustic. He soloed for about half the song, Herbie came in the middle with the piano and then he did a beautiful solo for the rest for the song. It was great.

I think they did another instrumental before bringing the singers back out, but maybe not. Each singer came out on her own for a song.

Then they did that one really popular instrumental. Then, they ended with a great Chameleon. I think Herbie always ends with that, which is kind of cool since it’s what the people want.

I guess his set went from about 9:15-10:20.

Everyone left feeling good and happy they went.

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Subhorup Dasgupta said...

Been listening to Rivers over and over the last several months, and yet to get past all of the intricacies and emotions. Rivers is totally different from Possibilities. It delves much deeper into the fundamental darkness within us all. I took a few listens to review Possibilities (link below). I am yet to dare write about Rivers.