Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Vision Fest + Scrapomatic + DTB 6/10/08

I have the Vision Fest pass, so I figured I could get there for a little bit before going up to the Hard Rock. Last year, Vision Fest was at the Angel Orsanz and I could only go the first night because I was going to Montreal. I remember waiting in a long line to get in. When I got in, it was during the Opening Invocation, so I was glad I didn’t really miss anything. Then, I was blown away by this huge avant garde orchestra put together by William Parker. It was really amazing. My recollection of the past few years when I’ve gone is it runs pretty close to schedule, which may or may not be true.

Anyway, I got there at 7 and the 10-15 min Opening Invocation was around 7:25-7:40. I think the 1st group started around 7:50/8:00pm, but I can’t really remember that well. I couldn’t get much info at all about the free Derek Trucks Band show, and I was very worried about missing any of it. I love them, and I realize I haven’t seen them since Montreal this time last year. That’s too long. Also, I grab any opportunities where there is standing room only on the floor for them because they do play in seated venues often and I want to dance. The little I could find out about this Rolling Stone private party is that it was real, doors at 7pm, and I finally found mention of it on Dave Yoke’s myspace page that Scrapomatic would probably be on at 8pm. Still, it was weird. Therefor, I left Vision Fest a little earlier than I would have otherwise, probably around 8:15/8:20 and got on the F train up to 42nd.

What I did see I really liked. I got to see everyone solo and this is a great group. I hope to get to see them again, and it’s likely.

7:00pm Opening Invocation with drums, chanting, and strings
Hamid Drake (drums) / Patricia Nicholson (chanting) / William Parker (strings)
7:30pm Taylor Ho Bynum Sextet
Taylor Ho Bynum (cornet) / Matt Bauder (ts, cl) / Mary Halvorson (g) / Evan O'Reilly (g) / Jessica Pavone (vi, b)) / Tomas Fujiwara (dr)

I got to the Hard Rock maybe 8:40 or so. I was amazed my name was actually on the list. I mean, it seemed too weird, just get an autoreply with no info saying “see you at the show”. I went in and Scropomatic was on, there was free lite beer, free bratwurst sandwiches, and free peanut butter cups. In other words, it was a party and I was invited. I finally found out from Scott that Rolling Stone did something like this last year, the show was G Love and Special Sauce, at some other corporate venue, and they were giving away free beer and some kind of hard liquor. He said he thought there was some announcement with MTV earlier. OK, so as much of the mystery is solved as I guess it’s going to be. Rolling Stone wanted to have a party for some reason, and just needed bodies to come and enjoy it.

When I arrived, Scropomatic was on. It was a lot of fun. They are good. I haven’t seen them for a few years. I thought they had a tuba, but maybe I’m thinking of another band. Kofi sat in for the last song. I think they ended around 9ish.

DTB came on at around 9:30 and played til 11, including the encore. It was awesome. I was able to get up front, right in front of Derek, with Yonrico in the background, and for some reason there was a hole of space over there and I had enough breathing room to dance. It was awesome! I did have to move for the last 20 minutes because it was getting a little more crowded. If I hadn’t been spoiled with all the space most of the show, it would have still be OK to stay up there, but I was spoiled. It was also good to get the perspective from farther back on the floor anyway, which was still very close.

That is one of the best bands that exists. I love them. When I could take my attention off Derek for a bit, Yonrico was blowing me away. He is so much fun to watch because he’s so into it. He is one of the happiest-looking drummers. Susan was there and came out quite a bit. Kofi was as great as usual. There were times when I would find myself drawn into the bass and the Count. And, every moment of the overall was great. I hope they start coming around her again a little more often. I realized how much I miss them.

Thank you Rolling Stone! I’m so glad I got to be there!

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