Monday, June 23, 2008

Coleman, Jones, Ribot @ The Stone 6/21/08

I only made it to the 1st set at The Stone on Sat. I got in line a little before 7:30 and was about the 5th in line. I was so glad the 4 ahead of me didn’t want to sit in the front row, so I got a good seat. Ribot walked in at about 5 to 8pm. I heard him comment he just took his kids to the Mermaid parade to make sure they got a complete education. Something like that.

Anthony Coleman had an electronic keyboard as well as the piano. He had his diet coke cans and lots of tape to put on the piano strings.

I had no idea until a couple of weeks ago that it was part of Los Cubanos Postizos. I have the cd which I love.

The show was awesome and probably a little more free than with the whole band, although I honestly can’t say for a fact since I’ve never seen them.

It was interesting when Brad Jones got out his keys and was playing the bass while holding them. Actually, he was really interesting throughout. Everyone had various pedals, and he was making interesting sounds by hitting his upright bass.

The music was 100% awesome. I loved every minute. I was very tired, so it’s hard to remember much. It did get pretty hot in there as usual. One big difference was before they turned the AC off just before the show, I actually felt it. I don’t think I ever felt cool in there from the AC. Maybe they fixed it or got a new one. I’m OK with turning it off during the music. That place is sacred and nothing should interfere.

It was obvious I would have gotten in to the Ceramic Dog improve set if I waited outside after that show. I just couldn’t do it, due to exhaustion. I did really want to.

6/21 Saturday (JG)8 pmAnthony Coleman, Brad Jones and Marc RibotAnthony Coleman (piano) Brad Jones (bass) Marc Ribot (guitar)

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