Saturday, June 14, 2008

Vision Fest + New Lang Fest + Adam Rudolph 6/13/08

I got to Vision Fest at around 7:45. It was pretty hot, but not quite as hot as the night before. It felt very stuffy, though. There's very little air circulation going on over there, which did start getting to me later in the evening. Still, at the beginning it wasn't bothering me so much, and I didn't feel as sticky as previous nights.

Actually it was an interesting evening because without knowing it, I was letting my feet take me wherever I was supposed to be. I did turn down 3rd St at Ave A, suddenly thinking I was going to The Stone for Zorn/Coleman/Sharp, but then I quickly turned back to Ave A because I figure I'm spoiled on the Zorn stuff and I was very intrigued by the 1st act at Vision Fest.

I'm so glad I did change because it was a great set. I only knew Hillard Greene, who I think is excellent, but I could tell the other 3 were seasoned players and it was a rare opportunity. It was also very up and danceable for me. And, it was early, I wasn't sticky, and I was really into it. A great way to start the evening.

7:30pm Ullmann/Swell 4
Steve Swell (tb) / Gebhard Ullmann (reeds) / Hilliard Greene (b) / Barry Altschul (dr)

I was told to be sure to catch the next set as it was pretty rare for Bobby Few to be back in the States. Apparently he moved abroad ages ago. That was very good. The sax was especially doing it for me, but the piano certainly wasn't shabby by any means. They did annoy me a little as they were very into wanting lots of applause and building each other up. I mean, we are seeing greatness after special greatness the entire fest and it's hard to get up more in that stuffy environment for a couple of guys. It made me think they weren't quite as great as the others. But, looking back, they were.

8:30pm Simmons / Few
Sonny Simmons (as) / Bobby Few (p)

Then I ran over to The New Languages Festival at The Living Theatre for a while. The first band was still on. They were very good and I enjoyed them for a while. I did start getting tired of it after 3 long songs, it was more typical modern jazz. At least typical in my world, I realize it might be kind of different for a more mainstream jazz fan. They are all very talented. I left a little before 10:30 and they were still going.

Friday, June 13th 9pm
Jackson Moore • Alto Saxophone
Eivind Opsvik • Bass
Eric Mcpherson • Drums

Vision Fest had rearranged the next 2 acts and therefor Henry Grimes, et al were already on. I probably got there halfway through their set. It was great, but I think that was when I actually realized how stuffy it was and it started getting to me.

10:30pm Sabir Mateen / Henry Grimes Quartet
Sabir Mateen (rds) / Henry Grimes (vi, b) / Rasul Siddik (tp) / John Betsch (perc)

That's when my body started leading me where I was going. I was very hungry, but even though the Vision Fest food is good and cheap, I couldn't eat it since it was in that stuffy room. I was kind of heading back over to New Languages for Tony Malaby, but ended up getting a slice of pizza first. Then, I started walking up Ave B, thinking "where am I going? what am I doing?" Then, it hit me. Adam Rudolph's Moving Pictures was playing at Drom. Yeah, music I'm very much in the mood for AND I can have that margarita I've been craving all night.

I got there just a few minutes before the 2nd set. It was awesome! This is an A-class band. And, to hear it at Drom with amazing sound where I have a dancing spot is so perfect. I think it was about 45 min, ending a little after 12am.

Adam Rudolph (handrumset, thumb pianos, qarqaba, percussion)
Graham Haynes (cornet, flugelhorn)
Hamid Drake (drum set, gourd, frame drum)
Steve Gorn (bansuri bamboo flutes, clarinet, Pakistani oboe)
Shanir Blumenkranz (upright acoustic bass, sintir)
Brahim Fribgane (oud, cajon, bendir, tarija)
Kenny Wessel (electric and acoustic guitars)
Ned Rothenberg (shakuhachi, bass clarinet, bass flute, alto saxophone)

I missed Tony Malaby at New Languages and Wadada Leo Smith at Vision Fest, but I was very happy and felt it was supposed to be. I knew New Languages was running late, so I figured I could try to get back to The Living Theatre for the big big band.

They must have just started because I got 3 or 4 long songs and they were still going at 1am, when I had to call it a night. It was very good. I didn't care for the composer's commentary, though. He seems pretty angry about some of the things going on in the world and in my opinion is spending too much time searching for the bad stuff. Oh well, it's his band, and he can talk about whatever he wants. The music was good and didn't seem so angry.

Darcy James Argue's
Secret Society
Friday, June 13th 11pm
Erica vonKleist Reeds Tim Hagans Trumpet
Ben Kono Ingrid Jensen
John Ellis Ron Horton
Sam Sadigursky Seneca Black
Josh Sinton Tom Goehring
Ryan Keberle Trombone Sebastian Noelle Guitar
Mike Fahie Mike Holober Piano
James Hirschfeld Matt Clohesy Bass
Darrell Hendricks Jon Wikan Drums

I would have loved to stay for the Vision Fest Afterparty at The LIving Theatre with Jasaon Kao Hwang and Cooper-Moore, but I was too tired.

It was an awesome night.

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