Sunday, June 29, 2008

Tim Berne & Craig Taborn Duo @ Rubin Museum of Art 6/27/08

That was great. I was blown away by both of them. I had a seat up front where I could see the piano keys. Taborn had me mesmerized for a lot of it.

Last time I was there, the Harlem Museum guy did the introductions and the Rubin Museum guy wasn't there. This was a JVC Jazzfest gig, not a Harlem Museum gig, and the Rubin guy did the introductions. He said that they ask the artists to look around the museum and pick a couple of pieces to do the music around. Afterwards, we got a free mini-tour where the guide showed us 2 of the pieces they had selected. During the music they showed us the pieces projected on the wall behind the musicians.

I could have made it to The Stone, but I decided I was too tired. It was kind of my theme this weekend, but I was out a lot during the day.

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