Saturday, March 3, 2012

Soul Rebels Brass Band @ Lucille's 2/25/12

I got there at around 1:10am and they were onstage, but they probably just went on.  The main space at BBs was a nightclub with a whole other atmosphere.  If you were going to Lucille's you didn't have to line up or get your bag checked.  There were a good amount of people on the dance floor and over by the bar but it wasn't too crowded.  Lucille's does lack the "seeing a band late night feel".  It was still a great show and a lot of fun.  Apparently there was a tweet that night about the backstage discussion at Galactic "who would you rather see Michael Jackson or Stevie Wonder?". There's no discussion for me, I never had any desire to see MJ.  I do like The Jackson 5.  pparently, at least the sax in Soul Rebels loves MJ and they played a few covers.  I found it interesting how some of the crowd made it a priority to get up front for that yet they weren't into the earlier Smoke on the Water tease.

I enjoyed it, stayed til the end which was just before 3.  I went to purchase the new CD and was asked if I wanted the studio or the live version of the same music or both.  Live please.

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