Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Mike Dillon Band @ Sullivan Hall 3/14/12

Another phenomenal Mike D. project!  They play songs he's written throughout his career with people I never saw him play with before.  Awesome people!  This trombone player is excellent and a lot of fun.  She's got super high energy and is dancing in a way that makes you more energetic whenever she's not playing.  Will Bernard was special guesting the entire show, which I'm sure added to an already fabulous lineup.  The drums and bass were excellent.  Mike had his vibes/tablas/timbales/etc. setup.  It was so cool I was listening to Ravi Shankar earlier that day.

Mike Dillon Band
featuring Will Bernard and members of Yojimbo Funk

Composed of twisted keys and Moog bass player Doc Sharp, wild drummer and percussionist Radam G, and trombone beast with wicked dance moves Carly Meyers, this young group formed two years ago and have been making their way around the New Orleans music circuit ever since.

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