Saturday, March 3, 2012

Bakers Dozen @ Brooklyn Bowl 2/26/12

This is some new band!  I loved it even more than the headliner.  It's so nice to see Jon Cowherd more.  It's also so different from the Fellowship.  I would say the music is reminiscent of surf rock.  Will and Jon kept blowing me away.  The bass and drums were awesome.  Apparently, it wasn't the usual drummer for the new band, he couldn't make it.  Will Blades sat in for a couple, but leaving Jon up there on Wurlitzer.  Way cool.

I'll be looking out for this band again.
Baker's Dozen is comprised of Will Bernard - Guitar, Tim Luntzel - bass, Andrew Borger - drums and Jon Cowherd - keyboards.

For the Brooklyn Bowl on Feb. 26 Dan Reiser will fill in for Andrew Borger

Baker's Dozen is a band dreamed up by drummer Andy Borger and guitarist Will Bernard in a hotel room in Live Oak Florida. The idea came to them while they were watching the 1977 B horror movie "The Car". Filling out the rest of the band was easy. Bassist Tim Luntzel and keyboardist John Cowherd immediately came to mind as the obvious choices for their musicality and humor.

The material the band plays starts with the cult classic 1959 record by Guitarist Mickey Baker called "The Wildest guitar". Mickey who is known by most for his jazz guitar instructional books and his Mickey and Sylvia hit "Love is strange" also had an approach during this period that could be described as a surf and R n B style of playing blues and standards. Mickey's style lends itself to a modern interpretation that can work on or off the dance floor.

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