Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Relatives + The Chives @ Zebulon 2/27/12

I was wound up from the Ribot show and hoped to catch some of Father Figures last night of their residency.  It wasn't meant to be as they were on last that night and I knew I wasn't gonna make it.  Still, I was curious to check out Relatives as they were part if the residency.  They were good, I would call it Indie.  It did wear on me after a while as it started sounding the same.  They had a special guest horn section, trombone, tenor, and trumpet.  The problem was they didn't have mics and it was hard to hear them over the keyboard, guitar, bass and vocals.  They weren't doing much anyway, just playing long notes together hear and there.  I'm just more conditioned to jazz is all.  I am glad to experience something different and I did stay for about 40 minutes, so I did like it for a while.

Now, there was another band earlier that I missed, The Chives.  People seemed pretty happy with them and I need to investigate further.

From Facebook:
Relatives are harmonizing odd folk adventurists making some amazing music for your ears and your hearts.

Here's some investigation on The Chives:
Steven Lugerner - Soprano Saxophone, Bass Clarinet, Bb Clarinet
Matthew Wohl - Upright Bass
Max Jaffe - Drums
Ohh, I love what I'm hearing on line.  Love that bass clarinet!

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