Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Ingrid Laubrock Orchestra @ The Stone 3/7/12

This was a good early show to sandwich in between 2 late nights.  It was fantastic to have so many amazing artists together.  We got some duo and trio moments, a great drum solo, and awesomeness when they all played together.  Even when many were playing, I could still hear the individual instruments. The first piece was a number of them playing wine glasses by rubbing water around the rims with their fingers.

They were doing different music the 2nd set.  I would have loved to stay, but I needed to pace myself for the week.

INGRID LAUBROCK ORCHESTRA Ingrid Laubrock (sax, composition) Mary Halvorson (guitar) Shane Endsley (trumpet) Kris Davis (piano) Ted Reichman (accordion) Chris Hoffman (cello) Drew Gress (bass) Tom Rainey (drums)

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