Monday, March 12, 2012

Lettuce @ Brooklyn Bowl 3/6/12

I keep trying to start this and as I key in to that show my being changes.  I start shaking my head and becoming speechless. They started intensely strong sand funky and kept it up and it was killer.  I can't even do justice to how it got me.  I kept having to go to the back to have room to dance.  I was happy that it looked like Nigel wasn't around.  He ended up coming out about 45 minutes or more into the set.  Skerik came out around the point where I had my coat on ready to go.  I then had to stay for his solo.  I left at about 12:15.

It was awesome!

So now I read the real re-cap and it looks like Nigel was out earlier.  It must have been when I was in the bathroom at the beginning of the set.

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