Sunday, March 25, 2012

EMEFE @ Littlefield 3/17/12

I got there at around 9:40 and they were on, but likely not for long.  They played til about 10:20.  I enjoyed it.  They have a baritone sax, tenor sax, trumpet and trombone.  The drummer is in Superhuman Happiness.  There's also a percussionist, keyboards, guitar and bass.  They have a really great soulful male vocalist that comes out occasionally.  The horn section will sing backup, reminiscent of some afrobeat or something, and it sounds great.  I'm glad I caught them.
Miles Arntzen: drums/percussion
Jake Pinto: keyboards/percussion
Billy Aukstik: trumpet
Jas Walton: tenor sax
Christian Anderson: baritone sax
Ray Mason: trombone
Nick Kokkinis: shekere
Javier Ramos: congas
Deen Anbar: electric guitar
Davy Levitan: electric guitar
Doug Berns: bass

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