Monday, March 5, 2012

Marc Ribot Really the Blues @ Iridium 2/27/12

I remembered how much I loved it, and couldn't wait to see it again.  But, that was all just a concept.  It was way way better than whatever I had stored in my memory bank.  I was blown away.

They started with a Coltrane tune.  Ribot acknowledged it wasn't really a Blues tune it did go with the theme.  It was phenomenally fantastic.

They then proceeded to do many phenomenal Blues tunes and blew me away in each and every single moment.  I really love that Cooper-Moore is in this.  I also love how we often get the practice show right before the tour.  It was awesome for me.  Sometime, I think they should start and end the tour in NYC, so we can see how it develops.

Marc Ribot (guitar)
Brad Jones (bass)
Cooper-Moore (keys)
JT Lewis (drums


Brooklyn Flaneur said...

I wanted to follow your blog to follow jazz shows but I don't know how to. Can you add my address as a subscriber?

terrig said...

I don't have a subscriber list. At the very top of the page, above the blog itself, is a Blogger toolbar. To the right of the search box is a link labeled "follow". If you click that, you will be able to follow.

Another options is from the bookmarks or favorites menu in your browser is click "subscribe to this page..."