Sunday, March 18, 2012

Herbie Hancock @ Rose Hall 3/10/12

I bought the ticket a while ago, in spite of the expense, not really paying attention to what Herbie was going to do.  It turned out it was a 1 hour 45 min set of a great quartet rocking out in a jazz kind of way.  It all started with a drum solo, which is my kind of way to start.  Next add James Genus on electric bass.  OK!  Enter Lionel Loueke after a bit.  Jam out and then Herbie comes out to round it out.  Herbie introduced the band after the 1st tune.  Then they did Lionel's 17 into Watermelon Man.  Next they performed for the first time an old Herbie tune he recorded with Jaco Pastorius.  Next it was one of those great Lionel solos.  After that an awesome Herbie piano solo.  Then the whole band did one more.  Next was a half hour kickass Chameleon.  I mean kick ass!  It started off with Herbie on the synth and the drummer on some kind of electronics AND a hand drum.  It was killer.

Herbie Hancock, Music Director, Piano
James Genus, Bass
Trevor Lawrence, Jr., Drums
Lionel Loueke, Guitar (March 10 only)

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