Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Bernie Worrell Orchestra @ LPR 3/17/12

Marco must have had a very short set because I got there at around 7:45ish and missed the whole thing.  Bernie et al brought the funk and it was free for members to boot.  Any orchestra that's 30% drummers is good with me!  It turns out the producer and leader is one of the drummers.  They also have 2 guitars, electric bass, and alto, tenor, and trumpet.  If you count up all of Bernie's keyboards, you probably could say it's 30% funky keys as well.

They started with a Bernie solo and then Charlotte Funk sang one.  They did a bunch of funky stuff including a super funky tune that I love.  Later they brought out Rob Swimmer on theremin for a couple.  The first was a Billy Holiday tune gone a little funky.  Then they really funked it up.  I left just before 9 to make my way over to Brooklyn.
Kyle Cadena, guitar / Andrew Kimball, guitar / Scott Hogan, bass / Glen Fittin, percussion / Shlomi Cohen, alto sax / Ofer Assaf, tenor sax / Justin Mullens, trumpet / Karl Latham, drums / Evan Taylor, drums
Special Guest:  Rob Shwimmer, theremin

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