Thursday, April 7, 2011

Saft/Genus/Roberts/Guiliani @ Blue Note 3/25/11

I actually headed down to The Wood Brothers at City Winery. I have a distinct memory of buying the ticket on-line and I even wrote down my seat #. It took me some time talking to the concierge before I finally relented that I must have made a mistake and the purchase didn't go through. It was only after she rattled off the other shows I had purchased on-line tix for in the system and that someone else was sitting in the seat I had purchased that I finally realized I was mistaken. It was nice to hear the 5 min of music while I was "being right". I left the venue at 12:30, which was when most of the late shows started. Shoot, it would have been perfect to get the late set of James Blood Ulmer at Jazz Standard. That would have been perfect after ABB. I didn't think I had enough time to get over there. Then I remembered it's Friday night and Search and Restore has a Spontaneous Construction series at Blue Note late night and I'm very close to there.

It was so nice to walk in and see Matana Robets on sax, Jamie Saft on piano and whoa, James Genus on bass. I couldn't see the drummer, but he sounded really good. I say whoa about James because I never thought of him as an improviser, mainly because I don't recall seeing him improvise. I know a lot of great people hire him, like Wayne Krantz and Uri Caine and many others. I know I always enjoy seeing him. He did well up there with people I am more accustomed to seeing in that type of setting. I enjoyed him a lot. I loooove Jamie on piano. He was so great. Matana was so good! I have been wanting to see Mark Guiliana for a while now and it just hasn't worked out yet. I need too see his band Beat Music soon, he's awesome.

I stayed until I felt myself starting to fall asleep. It was great.
Jamie Saft, keyboards & guitars
James Genus, bass
Mark Guiliana, drums
Mantana Roberts, saxophones

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