Thursday, April 7, 2011

Allman Brothers Band @ The Beacon 3/25/11

This band is so great, I still can't believe I almost skipped going at all. I liked my seat. It was on the floor on the very far right, V52, which is next to an aisle but not a door to the lobby. It was perfect for dancing and seeing. Later during the 2nd set I got myself quite a bit closer. I managed to be in a spot that whenever they cleared the aisle, it looked like I had a seat, so I got to stay. It's even better being so close.

We got Col. Bruce and Susan Tedeschi sit-ins.

I'm mainly in awe of Derek and Warren and having 3 drummers. Oteil again participated in the drum solo. He got much more interesting on the bass after that. Every once in a while, someone comments to me in conversation "why do they have 3 drummers?". My response is "because it's 3 times as great!". It really is. I go crazy when they are all 3 playing with sticks at the same time.

I need to remember this when hopefully they are back at The Beacon next year.

Mar 25, 2011 (Fri)
The Allman Brothers Band
Beacon Theatre New York, New York

1. Trouble No More
2. Midnight Rider
3. Who to Believe
4. Rocking Horse
5. Statesboro Blues
6. Sailin' 'Cross The Devil's Sea
7. Egypt
8. Turn On Your Love Light
with Col. Bruce Hampton, vocals; Duane Trucks,drums
9. Leave My Blues at Home

Set II
10. Dreams
11. Come and Go Blues
12. Worried Down With The Blues
13. Anyday
with Susan Tedeschi, vocals
14. In Memory of Elizabeth Reed
with Oz Noy, guitar
15. Into The Mystic

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