Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Marc Ribot Really the Blues @ Iridium 4/21/11

Oh my God!  This is what Heaven must be like!  Wow!  Ribot!!!

This was a first time this lineup played ever.  I know Ribot did this Blues project once or twice before, but I'm not sure who was in it.  All i know is that I didn't even know about the Rose Live gig until now.  I think Chad Taylor (drums) might be the only difference.

This is what I live for!  Yes, in the last couple of weeks I've seen Bill Frisell, Ben Perowsky, Allison Miller etc.  This may be the best thing I've seen all year.  Really.  I think it was the best Ribot I've seen all year at least.  The guy blew me away.  Actually, they all blew me away.

I don't know what to say.  Marc Ribot at his very best ... Going to town on the guitar ... Brad Jones on contrabass, making me wonder if he was playing an electric at times, he wasn't ... killer drums, and I mean killer ... Bill Ware on vibes, keyboard and piano.  OK!?!  Phenomenal!  Pure brilliance!  I had to stay for the 2nd set.  Luckily for my bank account,  there was no additional cover.  I was staying regardless.

The 2nd set!  Oh my God!  It was the same stellar music with the same amazing musicians, it was just even more phenomenal.  I finally gave myself permission to get up and get down.  That's what's great about Iridium.  If you have enough gumption to get up and dance no one is gonna try and stop you.  No one even wants to stop you.  Not that any of the places that have asked me to stop over the years wanted to.  I don't think any of them wanted to.  It's just not only does Iridium not have to, they wouldn't dream of it.  I mean, what kind of jazz club in the Times Square area has a TBA on the schedule and then books Ribot??!!  I give his manager Mary Ho a lot of credit!  I wouldn't put it past her to notice the TBA on Iridium's calendar and call them up to book a gig.  Whether that's how it went down or not, she's THAT good!

Any way, 2 sets of awesomeness that maybe only Jazzfest can compete with. Ahhh.

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