Friday, April 22, 2011

Blue Crane @ Littlefield 4/14/11

They are on tour from Portland using Amtrak to transport them around the country.  I noticed a vinyl album with a train on the cover, so they must be train people.  I like trains, so I know there are others out there.

They were good.  It's awesome to watch them play off each other and to each other while including the audience.  2 saxophones, great drums, great keyboards, cool skinny upright bass.  The songs were very interesting.  It was a good opener for the evening.
"The group, composed of Reed Wallsmith (alto saxophone), Sly Pig (tenor saxophone), Rebecca Sanborn (keyboards), Keith Brush (acoustic bass), and Ji Tanzer (drums), began working together as a quintet in 2007 (originally recording as a quartet in 2006). Since then, the band has begun to reap the rewards of collective articulation: a truly individual sound that depends on the contributions of each member."

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