Thursday, March 27, 2008

Adam Rudolph’s Moving Pictures Octet @ Joe’s Pub 3/26/08

Another excellent Adam Rudolph project. I’ve now seen enough of his stuff to say it’s probably all worthwhile. I’m so glad he moved here. I can’t imagine him finding enough people to play with in L.A., but apparently he must have.

It was an all-star lineup. He said he will be doing it again on Monday at Roulette with a full orchestra. If it’s anything like the last time I saw him with an orchestra at Roulette, there could be about 30 artists or so.

The Octet: Cornetist/flugelhornist Graham Haynes, multi-reedman Ned Rothenberg, guitarist Kenny Wessel, bassist Shanir Blumenkrantz and trap drummer Hamid Drake

I would call it “experimental world music”. It was fantastic. Grooving at times, quite beautiful at times. Lots of percussion and the occasional oud. Lots of flutes or flute –type things. I love it when Ned Rothenberg plays the bass clarinet. There was one song where he really had me.

It was just absolutely amazing.

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