Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Well, I’ve been working a lot lately and doing other things so I haven’t been to much music. Things seem to be easing up just in time for the explosion of great music coming up.

I did make it to Drom last Thurs. I thought I was going to finally see Chicha Libre, on a double bill with Las Rubias del Norte. Both of those bands play at Barbes a lot. However, I messed up and ended up seeing Vlada Tomova & Balkan Tales. It was great. The singer was very good and it was all about the music. There were 2 guitars, a drummer/percussionist, and an accordion. There was also a dancer at times. At the end, they had a lot of people up dancing.

I love those “mistakes” that turn into something great that I might have never seen.

Other than that, I just went to a party where lots of my musician friends from Instantaneous Transformation were performing. They were all excellent. I’ll let you know if I find out about any gigs. Bluegrass, American Roots –sounding, and some improvised fun songs. That was Sun. I did then head over to Highline for The Campbell Brothers, but decided not to stay when I saw the tables. I’m sure they were great, but I remember feeling a little lacking that time I saw them latenight at Blue Note. It’s kind of a shame to do seated shows for them.

Other than that, the jazzfest cubes
came out today, and I’m very excited. I see lots of upcoming great stuff in NYC to take me through until then.

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