Sunday, March 9, 2008

Butch Morris @ Nublu 3/9/08

I finally made it to Nublu for the Nublu Orchestra conducted by Butch Morris. It started just after 10:30 and went for about an hour. It was phenomenal.

It was fun to watch Butch in action after I had seen his lecture on conduction a few months ago at The Stone. I kind of understood what was going on. I am impressed with the artists and how intent they were on watching for the instructions. They have to be especially sharp and pay close attention.

It was also fun that I wasn't the only one moving to the music. It got pretty grooving at times, and also kind of spacey and out there. Still, there were lots of people intent on watching and moving a little. There were some annoying people up front who were space invading, also. They eventually moved back.

Kenny Wollensen was there on drums. There was a great grooving upright bassist. A synthesizer, 2 guitars and some horns.

It is well worth making it out there and a bargain at $10. I think they played a lot last week. Butch is pretty serious and I like how he sticks to the time.

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