Monday, March 3, 2008

Bobby Previte + Fracis Mbappe 2/28/08

On Thurs I started at The Stone for the Bobby Previte guitar trio with Adam Levy and Lindsey Horner. It was great. Lots of diversity in the music, but always lively and great. I don’t know if I ever saw Horner before, but he fit in quite well on his upright.

I was so happy I need a little more, so I headed over to Cachaca for some African jazz, Francis Mbappe & The Tribe with David Gilmore and Jeff “Tain” Watts. It was awesome. Gilmore is a great, grooving jazz guitarist. I saw him in a different light playing the “island sounding” grooving music. I think Mbappe said he’s from Cameroon. I could have done without the sax, who just seemed kind of lacking. I think that’s because I see so many phenomenal saxophonists all the time that my standards are quite high. There was also a keyboard, which was not bad. Mbappe is a pretty good electric bassist.

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