Monday, March 17, 2008

Will Bernard @ Blue Owl 3/16/08

I slept through The New Mastersounds on Sat night. So, I’m extra happy I was able to get to Will Bernard & Friends on Sun. It was great, grooving music. Josh Roseman added a lot. Cochemea was also there, laying down some great funkiness. There were 6 musicians all together and I don’t know why more people don’t dance. I noticed some of them wanted to, it’s just hard for people to get going sometimes. I of course was dancing the whole time. I really, really like that place. I hear it’s quite different on the other nights, but the live funk takes over on Sundays.

Another bass player, upright, showed up around 11:30. He was excellent. I really enjoyed the electric bass as well. The laptop added to it for the most part. Will we be doing this the rest of the Sundays in March and I do recommend capping off the weekend with this.

It's only $5, although I do have to remind them to collect the cover from me. I found out the owner pays the band, and has the cover as a way to get a little of that back. I had to go at around 11:45, but they were still going strong when I left.

Will Bernard guitar, Keith McArthur bass (Motherbug,) Avi Bortnik (Scofield) guitar and laptop, Eric Kalb drums (Deep banana Scofield) and Josh Roseman on Trombone (Groove collective, Dave Holland big band etc)
Chochemea sax

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