Sunday, March 9, 2008

Improv Night @ The Stone 3/8/08

Another great Improv Night, but it comes to be expected.

First up was Cyro Baptista on jaw harp and various interesting percussion and Elliot Sharp on electric bass.

Next was Shanir Blumenkranz and Ruben Radding on upright basses with a woman on a large stringed instrument that sits on a table. I'm not sure if I've seen her before, but I have seen that instrument, which I think might be japanese.

Shanir stayed up for the next act, which included a cello and this amazing guy on a lap guitar. That had a southern avant-garde feel to it. It was amazing.

On to Zorn, Baptista, Radding, and this guy on one of those african vibraphone-looking things with guords hanging from the bottom. He also played some percussion. He wasn't African, and I wish I caught his name. That was the loudest of the night and sounded great.

The the large string instrument, the guy on the lap guitar, and Elliot Sharp. I think there was someone else, but I can't quite remember.

The grand finale with everyone up was awesome. Zorn didn't play much, and the string girl mainly chanted. It was phenomenal.

The whole night felt heavy on the basses and strings. It's so much fun to see the setup and try to figure out what is going to happen. Most of the artists are downstairs at that point, and it has a nice surprise quality as well as being completely improvised. I got there too late for a front row seat, so I opted to stand so I could see everything.

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