Thursday, March 13, 2008


What a few minutes of turmoil! I think it's OK. I wrote the post below, and then deleted it when I checked my email from Ticketweb saying the show was cancelled. But, I have a physical ticket, and there's nothing else listed for that night or nothing on the Wolf's blog that says my 2 favorite bands in the world are not playing on the same night. It's listed on both bands websites. I finally went to the best source, the message board, and I see they speculate Ticketweb is having communication problems and were just trying to say Big Sam's Funky Nation has been added. I'll call the Wolf tomorrow, but there is no way I am missing this show.

I had to keep hitting back in my browser to recover this post:

Wow, I was going to post a warning notice about getting a ticket to the Howlin Wolf Sat night, and it looks like it might be sold out already. I hope you got yours, because I doubt there will be many people looking to unload one outside.

The Funky Meters + The Derek Trucks Band! It's one of my dream shows. In the past few years, the best show has usually been Sat night, but it was usually at Tips. I do remember gettting freaked out a few years ago when the Funky Meters had to suddenly leave the stage because the cops made them. I think it was due to noise complaints. I was very worried about our future after that.

It does look like there are still tickets available to the Megalomaniacs Ball on Wed. There might be a good possibility of getting a ticket out front, even if it's sold out. Still, if you really want to go to that, it's probably best to get it early.

MEGALOMANIACS BALL featuring Garage a Trois w/ Stanton Moore Trio , Mike Dillons Go-Go Jungle, Skeriks Maelstrom Trio and Marco Benevento Trio w/Matt Chamberlain & Reed Mathis

I don't buy much in advance, because it's ridiculous to pay all those extra fees. I also learned early in my jazzfest going that even if the event is sold out, you can usually get a ticket from someone who has too many shows to hit out front. There's only a few shows where that's not possible.

Yay! Just a little over a month to go!

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