Monday, March 3, 2008

Zorn @ St. Ann’s Warehouse 2/29 & 3/1

I’m glad I got over my shlepping issues because it wasn’t a shlepp at all. I didn’t realize it’s the 1st Brooklyn stop on the F train. I think it was easier to get there than to the Upper West Side, or even Dizzy’s for that matter.

The Dreamers was absolutely fantastic. An all-star lineup, which is typical of Zorn. Trevor Dunn, Joey Barron, Kenny Wollensen on vibes, Jamie Saft on keyboard and piano, Cyro Baptista, Marc Ribot and Zorn playing sax on one number. It touched on a bunch of genres, and it was all stellar. They encored with a couple from The Gift cd.

I left completely satiated and knowing there was no way I was missing the next night. I got a ticket Sat morning and it looked like it was almost sold out then. I love how you can choose your seat at that venue when you buy on-line. They should all do that.

We got a special surprise on Sat. They announced that once they were done with the cinema, they would take a brief intermission and then do The Dreamers again! Because they had so much fun the night before. Yay!

Essential Cinema had the same lineup as the night before, but with the addition of Ikue Morie and Erik Friedlander. The band sat behind the screen. It was kind of fun trying to listen to what was going on back there. The music was great and for the most part the films were fine. I liked how the music really coordinated well with what was going on the screen. There was one erratic one, where they were showing quick, really quick scenes and playing a late Coltrane type jazz, with Zorn on sax. The first one was pretty cool, lots of Ribot and a film about the jungle and a white woman that was kind of interesting. Friedlander sounded amazing on one of them.

I was very happy to catch The Dreamers again. It was just as awesome as the night before.

I love the venue and would be happy to get there again.

Here’s the films:
Featuring films by Kenneth Anger (Eaux D'Artifice),Wallace Berman (Aleph), Joseph Cornell (Rose Hobart, By Night with Torch and Spear), Maya Deren (Ritual in Transfigured Time) and Marie Menken(Go Go Go)

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michael said...

agreed - was a great set. was my first time seeing ribot live & was blown away.and the surprise announcement saturday (before being reminded they had one more film) made my weekend.
here's some pics from the nights fwiw