Saturday, May 26, 2012

The A.M. Sessins @ HOB Parish 5/4/12

I bought a ticket that day, on my way to the fest.  I got there at 2am and they got started at around 2:30/2:45.  They did all Old School covers and a couple of Johnny Vidocavich originals.  It was a great show.  George had played with the Original Meters at Howlin Wolf earlier, so he was pretty tired.  I only know because at around 4:00 or so, he said he had one more in him.  It was a great show.

I haven't listened to this yet, but here is the show minus the first 10 minutes:
WHO: , , , and
WHEN: Late Night Saturday, May 6 @ 2 a.m.
WHERE: Parish Room – 229 Decatur Street
TICKETS: $30 (Buy)
WHY: Last year Benevento and George Porter Jr. got together for an early May late nighter (along with Brian Stoltz and Adam Deitch), the show was THE culmination of Jazz Fest, and this too will undoubtedly appeal to hardcore fans and casual music listeners alike. I’d take a ticket to this supergroup over The Avengers any day. Simply put, magic happens when Benevento and George Porter Jr. get together. A year ago that magic took the form of some mind-blowing improvisations as well as a wide range of jam-worthy covers including Hendrix’s “Fire,” Cee-Lo’s “Fuck You,” and War’s “Why Can’t We Be Friends.” This year Eric Krasno (of Lettuce and Soulive) and Maple Leaf legend Johnny Vidacovich will be grooving on guitar and drums. Plus, Johnny V’s family is known to bring cookies and share with the audience. I can not think of a better way to round out a Jazz Fest experience. See you in the Parish Room.

Here's my post from last year, which I admit was even better than this year

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